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Will we meet again at the NMCC in September?



I'm getting fed up cancelling.

Who is really going to be able to come down at least twice a month, be honest.

I can, nobody else seems to.

In addition the darts players now meet for a game and a jolly during the summer on Friday, if this becomes a permanent feature it will be too noisy with the addition of un-monitored small kids touching our toys.

I will book if you can commit without changing your mind.

Otherwise I suggest we haul our stuff back and store it in various homes to bring to our occasional games days.

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I can commit without changing my mind - I cannot however predict how the job will pan out on a week by week basis.
That is the real word issue to be honest. I know I can make the games days as they are weekends and I no longer (at this moment in time) have any on-call responsibilities.



Well, we all knew it was winding down like this. I will be able to come in August, I think, but September - I think by then I will have moved away.



I can't commit obviously. It would still be sad to let the venue go, but having it cancelled every time isn't much fun either. The darts club is rather anoying and the level of noise is unpleasant for sure.

I always liked walking into the club for a game and a pint, but things have changed and moved on for sure. Maybe it is time to call it a day. ...

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Tbh, committing to an evening any closer then a couple of days before is pretty much impossible which I know isn't helpful, but about all I can do.
If we are really worried about attendance then maybe we should scrap meeting on a Friday night. The darts club doesn't really bother me and even the kids aren't much of a hassle (apart from the girl who was raking around my figures in my box like it was Lego which I have to say, pissed me off a bit!) but I can see why it might upset others.
I'm sad to say but my appetite for gaming has dropped from 'as much as possible' to 'happy for a game once in a while'.
August has always been a hard month for attendance but at the moment, every month is hard.
I'd be happy to host games at mine on a Friday night as I'm sure most of you would to, so maybe like Chris says, it might be time to call it a day.
MADgamers will always be a part of my life and I don't really care about a venue, it's more about meeting up for a social and enjoying the company of others that I go for 👍
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I'd cancel August and see what interest there is in September, maybe even leave this till October. From what I've heard sharing with the darts club has its problems. I have to admit certain aspects don't appeal to me. That's not why I've not been down but it could become one. The reason I've not been down is because by the end of the week putting a game on when I've had to be focused on the day job is a logistical exercise thats lost its appeal. That's not stopped me looking for ways to be more efficient in making this aspect of the hobby work for me, but even thats stalled now.

Given our current circumstances it looks like we are preparing to let go of the cricket club. If this is what the club as a whole feels is the correct move then so be it. However, I'll say this just as food for thought:

In the past, my feeling was that because we pay a pittance for the NMCC venue it would be worth keeping the relationship going as we now know anywhere else is just not viable from a rental point of view. Should we loose it we would have no venue and no neutral ground on which to store the clubs assets.

For this reason I would not burn bridges just yet, there is no pressure on us to rush things. We should work toward an agreed action plan to meet the current shape and desires of club members (something for the next AGM ?). I don't believe storing the assets at someones house is fair or wise while we have a club structure in place. I'll admit this applies mainly to the more valuable items such as cloths or terrain. The boards do not concern me as much. If you've got space, your welcome. The temptation to put forward the school as an option needs to be carefully thought through. We are guests of the school and our privilege to use this as a venue relies heavily on one person.

On a more general point, I've been hoping that circumstances would allow me to do better as regards club involvement, but regrettably that has not been the case and is not likely to change, if at all, until well toward the end of this year. Presently, the Club Games days afford me one of the best opportunities to continue my desire to remain a part of the hobby. Recently that however seems to be more on a social basis than playing: something I am perfectly content with. On the upside, who knows what next year will bring.

I've been asked a couple of times now at shows if MADgamers as a club is defunct. I've been taken aback by this as I don't consider it defunct and certainly have not been putting this about, we've just adapted to changing circumstances. This means its more a collection of friends who share (some) common interests that bring us together. The sentiments expressed in Russ'  last sentence certainly struck a chord with me.

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August is always cancelled.
I've told Pat I will contact her again near the end of August.
I guess we could come less frequently, say once a month, and get to leave our stuff there.
I don't see how we can leave our stuff there if we don't have some form of commitment.
I have no wish to move anything more to the school other than a few boards.
Yes items have value, I am not talking about dispersal, rather held in trust.
Of the current active membership there is not one of you I wouldn't trust.
One for all and all for one etc.

I do think the forum should be kept active as a means of common communication and record keeping.
I think we are viable on Sundays every know and again, Saturdays too on occasion, possibly, wives permitting, a weekend bash.
Though we may be using classrooms/staffroom rather than income earning hall and Studio.

However from you comments above it is clear we can not guarantee more than 1 or 2 on a regular basis, so can not continue as we have done.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds

So now I blog...



I've just rented a storage unit at Hampton Court Mews for a year which could easily be used if storage becomes difficult , the only problem - the distance (about 45 -60 minutes away), but it is cheap, dry and large Smile and you could have a key.

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The forum is pretty essential and a resource it seems that not a lot of clubs have.

My inbox is a sh*tshow since i signed up to the Wycombe Warband list which is the only way they communicate.



This year has been difficult and I know I have not been successful with pushing the club forward, or attending in recent months. That's also because, like Russ, timing is an issue, and also I have been pushing Infinity, and running games elsewhere, when family life doesn't get in the way.

As to the future, I like the Cricket Club, free parking, bar, cheap. But I will go with the majority.

I am trying to encourage people to come to the club, but for infinity it is a tough draw at the moment.
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