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Future War Commander


Well I've had time to read the rules and am aware now of things done that should not have been and noted rules I was unaware of.

Regarding on table whirlwinds

On table SPG are commanded by an HQ/CO not an either/or with a FAO.
So if you want them on table do not use a FAO he is only used for off table artillery.

Some SPG only use direct fire some use only indirect others use both, however you may not mix indirect and direct fire in one turn.
In addition you may only fire one indirect fire per turn and even if they are using LOS they roll for scatter one d6 per 10cm from their location to target, then use template.

Due to the amount of ammo used in such an attack they may only fire once per turn. 
Whilst it says nothing about using SPG for opportunity fire
I think one must consider that SPG either: may not use indirect fire as opportunity fire or if it does, will not fire in it's own turn.
I'd be inclined to say it is not allowed to use indirect opportunity fire.

AFVs and Infantry shooting and combat

I've discovered that troops in AFV may also fire at the unit the AFV is firing at.
After combat a successful infantry unit can board it's AFV (if within 5cm), however the vehicle can not move.

Suppressive fire

If you have a unit that fires only AP it may still fire at an HE target, hitting on 6s only, if the hit is unsaved roll again for suppression.

Dense terrain -1 command penalty
High terrain such as Woodland is not dense terrain, to men wheeled or tracked vehicles, so commands to those units do not suffer a -1 penalty.
It is however dense terrain for walker, jump pack, hover and grav vehicles.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds

So now I blog...


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