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7th July at the NMCC


Darts are off for the summer so unless there is a party we should be OK all of June and July

NMCC club meeting

If you know you can't come please tell us with a post below, as it is more useful than not posting
Just post your intention in a new  post  below, the admin should update this one.

Yes planing to be down  [Image: headbang.gif] 

In Hope   [Image: icon_eek.gif] 

No can't come   [Image: BangHead.gif] 

Don't know not replied  [Image: dontknow.gif]       
Ben (Void Spinner)
Chris McGill
Chris V
Denis Jackman
Paul Golgfag1
Russ Sandy
Will Martin

Please keep this on your radar, if not enough people can go on a day then we can cancel and save some cash.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds



Other plans, not sure about the rest of the month yet
"We call it the Andrex Premiership, because it is soft and unnecessarily expensive" L. Daglallio

?Wash: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.
Mal: Define interesting?
Wash: Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die??



All being well, should be down
'I rode a tank, held a Generals rank, when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank'



Should also be down.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds



Should be down (work permitting)



Should be down. <3


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