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New friday night darts club = Cancelled dates


Agreed on all counts.

I shall get a lift and will be at the pub tonight. <3



See you at the pub, and well said.
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I will open a bottle of Becks and I will mentally participate in the meeting this evening (may have watched too much Star Wars lately).

I game because I am happy- I am happy because I game - it's a vicious cycle!

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Just been to the bourne end community center. They can give us a little room for £15. Will show photos of it tonight.



Oh wicked, Will, is that the Target Room? They have really good car parking as well.



No I think the target room was 30 an hour or something silly like that.. The room they gave me is essentially a dressing room. Tongue



Whaaaat? That's crazy, I know the Tuesday night people must not be able to afford that... I'll try and catch one of them on Google plus maybe...



Pat and Ray not there last night.
Instead their son was running the bar.
Had a long chat with him, have a feeling he is now in charge.
There was a small group of dart club players 7(?).

A brief summation of our conversation

Hopes we don't mind but they don't have a game and wanted to practice.
We don't have to pay for access tonight as the dart players are here.
Don't worry about being low on numbers 3 or so as it means the club is open and he'd rather that than shut.
We both understood this meant other club users could then pop in.
No there won't be a 2nd Friday dart club, do I know how expensive the fees are?
I said we'd probably be happy if we hit minimum 50% night occupancy. He thought we would get at least that.
We are not so likely to lose Friday nights to parties as the demand for these has moved to Saturdays.

Amused that one well oiled player wanted to play watch xwing and pissed his mates off. We might have a new member  Smile
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