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2015 Mad Game/demo


Last year Russ and Trev demoed an ACW BP game, correct me if I'm wrong but this went to Sheffield.

What to do this year?

How about we get an eight by four table and set up Warmaster Demo/participation games.

We would need:

Most of this we have but we could always do with/make more scenery.

Maybe field defenses with Gabions, redoubt, etcs

We can either play 2 small 1000 point games and let visitors take over. Or a large 5k game allowing vistors to command characters.

Task for Voidspinner. Big Grin

Part of this is to see if there are any local players, or locals we could get to join.
I'd like to create a four page booklet, with data about us, images contacts etc
Would you - Voidspinner, collate links to rules, army builder, manufacturers.

I would both print this off and have a pinned thread in Warmaster that we can use and others can look at.

No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

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Yeah I think you're confusing the Agincourt MAD game with the games day.

It was the latter I volunteered to do stuff for. =D



First post is old and I quoted from it last night.
However it would seem preference is for a warmaster games day, I have an idea on this.
But last nights thoughts were that were that we might do Agincourt in 10/12mm.
Such models could be based 20 x 40 so we could use them in warmaster.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds

So now I blog...



Ah sorry, I didn't think to check the date. x-D



OK just my two penny worth. What about Agincourt with Hail Caesar! rather than Warmaster ?

Also while this was a suggestion first put up by Russ, I may have misinterpreted, but Im not sure Russ was all that convinced last night ?

Personally, this does appeal to me, but might we find ourselves competing with a lot of other clubs doing the same thing this year ? It think this also illustrates Russ' point about making the MADgame unique in some way.

Ultimately, I'm not sure I can commit anyway. These days, as the year plays out my opportunities for gaming diminish. Most of my opportunities to attend the club and game generally occur in the first half of the year.

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What about a "Lion Rampant" Skirmish game ?
1. The scenery would fit for Saga as easily as LR
2. so would most of the figures



This was being done at Warfare, table next to Trev's which I suspect is why Chris picked up on it.
The players were the writers of the book, so doing the circuit at the moment.
No battle plan survives contact with dice smilie

AKA/Mark Foulds

So now I blog...


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