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Update 001
Written by Denis Jackman
Monday, 17 September 2012

So last night we had the first build session for the new participation game for MADGamers for 2012.
The plan is to roll it out for Colours 2012 (8th and 9th September 2012, Newbury Berkshire).
Some of you might be saying that we are leaving it late to prepare but actually it's not the case.

The team had done a lot of work independently and last night we started to pull it together.

We will be running a dice less game with monkeys in it. Why dice less? Because I wanted to see if it could be done.
Why monkeys? Because last year at a show I was told that if our game had had monkeys in it we would have taken best game.

The Avatars have been sourced from Cubee. I had worried that they would be a bit flimsy for play but Russ Sandy
(our master crafter) came up with an ingenious method to fix this. The Avatars have been built using Foamcard and the Cubee template.

The Game board is multi level and Mark Foulds has done an excellent job in preparing that too.

Enclosed are some pictures of us preparing the game.Yes we do have some work to do

This is Mark looking over the Game Avatars.

This is Mark looking over the Game Avatars. again!

Googly Eyes and hair for the Monkey avatars to differentiate them

Monkey Number one made up

The Game board assembly 1

The Game board assembly 2

The Game board assembly 3

The Game board assembly 4

Gaming Board Assembly 5

Gaming Board Assembly6

Gaming Board Assembly 7

Assembled Ninja on the Board

Monkey 1 one the board

Monkey 1 one the board again

Ninja and Monkey side by side

Ninja and Monkey side by side again on upper level this time

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 September 2012 )