Name:BopBop MADGamers particpation Game 2012-2013
Author:Denis Jackman
Version:1.01.00 Final 20120910

1. Introduction
This is our MADGamers Participation game offering for 2012-2013. It is a Donkey Kong meets Minecraft with Ninja's (Black, Green and Undead).
It uses no dice. Randomisation is done with cards for combat and chips for player and npc movement. Everything else is reasonably straight forward.
The characters and game pieces have been sourced for the Cubeecraft project (
This file and others which support it are stored at

2. Set-up.
Each player gets an Avatar (one (1) of six (6) monkeys, five (5) power crystals (white) five (5) health crystals (red), three (3) combat cards.
The avatars are placed on their start points.
The players then work out which combat card they will want to place.
A mission will be chosen and given to the players.
Once each player has picked a combat card they play can start.

3. Game Sequence
The Games-Master will gather a power crystal from all the players who ish to act this turn.
The Games-Master pulls a token from the run bag.
The player whose token is drawn gets to act.
Tokens are drawn until all are gone.
A players who RESTED now get four (4) power crystals
The Game is now checked for any player satisfying the winning criteria if this is the case the game is over.
Any player who has no health crystals left is removed from the game. (and their token removed)
Otherwise the tokens are replaced and a new turn is run.
If a black token is drawn then this is for the non-player-characters move (See NPC's)

4. Player-Sequence
The player hands in a power crystal (1).
If a player has no power crystal then they cannot act.
Any player with zero (0) health crystals is removed.
If the player has not placed a combat card this is an indication that they wish to REST and will receive four (4) power crystals at the end of the turn.

If the player can act then they move there full allowance a per outlined the in move section (3. Move).
If a players runs over a actionable icon they may choose to activate it.
If they move into another player it initiates combat (1 Combat).
If a player runs over a NPC then the NPC is removed and the player gets one (1) life crystal.
Players may leave the higher levels and fall down to ground level. This will have two (2) effects. The first will be that the lose one (1) health crystal. The second is that they drop anything they are carrying. They may pick up the item by losing one movement to do so.

5. Combat
This is a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors system.
When a player meets another player they turn over their combat cards 
  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock
If the target is resting then it is an automatic hit and the target is treated as losing.
The losing avatar is moved back four (4) squares and give one (1) health crystal to the winner.
In the case of a draw both players lose (health crystal are lost from both and go to the bank).
In a multiple combat (more than 2) it may be possible to have more than one (1) loser or winner.
There as many combat actions as a player can move into or has health crystals for.

Moving a player back four (4) squares may run them into a NPC (the NPC is counted as destroyed by the player), over a box (the player is given the box) or into another player (resolve this as another combat). The Player may end up in a loop between two players which will mean that the player will be killed.

6. Action
A player may have their avatar act on any item that is adjacent (But not diagonally) or in the square the avatar currently occupies.
The action can be to activate a lift square or other item.

7. Move
A player may move their avatar six squares.
This movement may be to any adjacent (But not diagonally) that is clear of avatars or npcs.
Avatars may move over boxes and collect them. (See boxes)
Some squares are activated when you move onto them if this is the case the activation will complete and then the remainder of the movement may be carried out.

8. NPC's
When a Black token is drawn this will indicate that it is the turn of the NPC's.
If there are no NPC's on the board one is placed on the board at the NPC start point.
An NPC will move four (4) squares.
If the NPC moves over a Box the box is removed from play.
If it moves over a square which activates when moved onto this square will activate and once activation is complete and then the remainder of the movement may be carried out.
If a NPC moves into a player then the player is damaged and loses one (1) health crystal and is moved back four (4) squares.
If a player moves into a NPC then the NPC is removed from the board.
There can never be more NPC's then Avatars on the board.

8.1 NPC Variants.
The player drawn before the NPC token draw gets to move the NPC's as he chooses.
It may be that different NPC's do different things.
When killed the various NPCs
  • Black ninja - one (1) health crystal
  • Green Ninja - one (1) power crystal
  • Mummy Ninja one (1) health and one (1) power crystal
9. Boxes
Each box has a different effect.
The Plain boxes give power crystals (Six (6) boxes, one (1) gives three (3) power, two (2) give two (2) power, three (3) give one (1) power)
The question mark boxes give health Crystals. ((Six (6) boxes, one (1) gives three (3) health, two (2) give two (2) health, three (3) give one (1) health)
The POW boxes give the player a speed up crystal (blue) which allows the player to move another six (6) squares when used.
The TNT boxes can be picked up by the players and thrown six (6) squares and will effect anything in a three (3) by three (3) square as if they have been hit.
(This will destroy NPCs, and cause a hit on a Avatar).

10. Missions
10.1 King of the hill
The avatars have to get to a point of the top level and remain there for one complete turn without being knocked off or moving to win.
10.2 Capture the Flag
The avatars have to go to the top level and grab a item (normally a special box) and carry it to their start point.
A dropped box will remain where it is dropped and can be picked up by the players by passing over it. (a variant will have dropped boxes respawn at the box start point)
10.2.1 CTF Variant
The same as CTF but there is more than one (1) box

11. Awards
Show           Date               Award 
Colours 2012 08-09-2012      Best Participation Game 

12. Shows
Show                Date 
Colours 2012      08/09-09-2012

13. Contact Information
blog           Table Top Madness (

14. Licence
This game has been developed under the Creative Commons Licence this means that :
14.1 You are free:
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14.2 Under the following conditions:
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15. Change List
Author              Version               Date          Reason 
Denis Jackman     0.00.00a alpha      20120808   Original Version 
Denis Jackman     0.00.01a alpha      20120823   Fixed some typos and added a new Box 
Denis Jackman     1.00.01 Final         20120905   Final Version prior to first play (Colours 2012)
Denis Jackman     1.00.02 Final         20120905   Final Version BopBop Zip file 
Denis Jackman     1.00.03 Final         20120905   Fixed some typos and game phase issues. 
Denis Jackman     1.01.00 Final         20120910    Post Game fixes (and final items)

16. Acknowledgments
There are a few people to thanks during the creation of this. Mark Foulds for the terrain building, Russ Sandy for the Avatar building and modification.
Trevor Crook for dealing with the show admin and chase ups. Liam Jackman and the various members of the MADGamers club (MADGamers) for the help in playtesting and running the game. the people at Cubeecraft ( who's original work inspired the idea that this has become (I hope you get a lot of business from this as you deserve it).

Creative Commons Licence
BopBop by Denis Jackman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License