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Written by The Chairman   

MADGamers is a loose group of wargamers based in the Windsor and Maidenhead area.We use the forum and this page to keep in contact, currently we meet once a month usually a Sunday from 10:30 - 16:00 (depending on when the games end). Currently this meeting is at a local school in Maidenhead and we charge £5 for the day’s gaming. Other days will find us playing at each other’s homes. We play a lot of games in many scales, fantasy, historic, present and future/ScFi. Like all gamers we play almost anything and if we aren’t playing your game we probably will or did. Oh look squirrel……

Membership details are here.

Please register on the forum and THEN EMAIL DRANASK SO THAT HE CAN ACTIVATE YOU, then you will be able to tell us who you and when  you would like to come down